Kids bedroom ideas

Kids during their growing age look for inspirations and new learning opportunities, they learn more and more with the change in grades. Each new day brings in energy, motivations and inspiration.  You can use this energy and motivation to guide them in the right direction. Creating an environment that encourages studies and innovation really helps. You should involve your kids in the designing process not only to get their opinion but also for uplifting their moral. Building a work place at home gives them the push in the right direction by keeping them involved in studies.

Shelves and cubbies

It’s common to have plain walls and organized shelves in parent’s room and similarly when you think of a kid’s room the first thing that comes in mind is “fun”. Kids should have funky room, something they enjoy being in.

I remember having cartoon characters and later on rock band posters in my room and always wanted my room to be theme after my favorite character. Kids now a days have other stuff in their mind, before designing their room it’s recommended to have a friendly chat with them to know their opinion and if you surprise them with a room designed after their imagination they will try to stay in it for a long period of time. You can add a study area in a fun way where they enjoy studying.

Idea center

Kid’s room can be easily transformed in to an idea centers, it doesn’t have to be dull and plain, you don’t to conduct boring meeting in it.

Kids in their early years have a very innovative mind. I remember my teacher telling me a story about a young girl who used to study in a private institution where only the rich could afford studies, she loved greenery and flowers and used to draw the most colorful flowers. Unfortunately her father lost a huge deal and they had to face financial crisis. The family was forced to live in suburbs and the young girl had to continue her studies in public school. One day her teacher asked her to draw a flower, she got excited started drawing a flower, she filled the petals with the most vibrant colors but when the teacher came back to check she got angry and told her “whenever I ask you to draw a flower you should draw a red flower with a green stem!” so she started drawing the red flowers. Eventually her family somehow managed to get back on their feet and shifted back to their old community and the young girl could again study in the institution for the rich but when the teacher asked her to draw a flower, she only drew “a red flower with a green stem”.

Forcing your will on children makes them loose their innovative ability therefore you should create an environment that encourages innovation. Designing their room into an idea center is the best way to go forward.

Check those ergonomics

The seating area should be comfortable but at the same time it should be practical. You should be really careful about the height of the table so that knees are at a ninety degree angle and while sitting straight the shoulders should be back forearms should touch the table making the elbows at a 90 degree.

Make learning comfortable

Learning should be a fun exercise not something you are forced to do. Similarly the learning environment should be comforting it should not look like an army barrack! Vibrant, colorful and cheerful environment makes a young mind more comfortable and relaxed. A comfortable environment and an ergonomic desk allows the kids to study in a motivated place.

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